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Gravity of Gold is a revolutionary product that drastically changes traditional poker games in casinos. It offers a live poker table experience with the player in control of the game flow.

Currently, Gravity of Gold offers the following popular casino games with variations: Three Card Poker, Casino Stud Poker, Casino Hold'em Poker, Let It Ride, Crazy 4 Poker.

All games follow the Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain in terms of game rules, table layouts, odds, side wagers, and variations.

With patent pending, Gravity of Gold novelty and uniqueness has already been certified and acknowledged.

The centerpiece and facade of Gravity of Gold system is the Poker Machine, a unique hardware that has a mechanical random number generator (RNG) on board in the form of a drawing machine with balls. Each ball is fitted with an RFID tag mapped to an electronic playing card on the screen. The physical RNG shuffles and uniformly distributes balls into special columns representing the card deal.

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Transparent Gaming Experience

The player is in full control,
being able to decide for how long the balls
will shuffle and which ball will correspond
to which card.

(Ticket-In/Ticket-Out) and
Advanced Funds Transfer (AFT)

Several machine crediting options at
the player's disposal: cashless transfer,
TITO and cash.

Full SAS Support
(Slot Accounting System)

The Slot Accounting System protocol
is a de facto standard acknowledged by gaming operators
all over the world. Gravity of Gold works with SAS 6.02
and has backwards compatibility.
SAS 6.02 comprises all modern requirements to gaming devices
and supports all features needed by modern casinos.

In-Play Voice Guide


Two input modes: touchscreen
and mechanical keyboard.

Tips for
Casino Personnel

At any point during play or when cashing
out, the player can leave tips
by tapping a spot on the screen.


Poker Machine in-game look-and-feel can be
configured to reflect any casino brand by uploading
logos, custom messages, and multimedia.

Progressive Jackpot

Gravity of Gold also offers Progressive Jackpots, adding to the overall product appeal. Jackpot pool is fueled by Progressive Bets. Progressive Payouts differ from game to game and multiple prize categories are available, each with customized paytable.

Beautiful Graphics and Live Poker Table Experience

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Upcoming Gravity of Gold release will include a new title, Russian Poker, an easy-to-learn, dynamic offering beloved by players.

As many as eight decks will be supported soon, enabling one of the greatest casino games in the world, Blackjack, as well as Punto Banco and Baccarat.

Recognizing the success and appeal of poker competitions, the Gravity of Gold development team has tournament support feature roadmapped for the nearest future.

Another R&D milestone for Gravity of Gold is the S2S protocol. A state-of-the-art communication solution, S2S is based on proven and established technological standards, and is highly regarded by many casino operators and developers.